“Amir Hedayat-Vaziri is an Iranian artist, born in 1963 in Washington D. C. Amir, although rarely active in the professional art scene, has a particular artistic way of seeing and collecting things on his travels from many locations he lived in. The elements he finds, despite their simplicity, contrive in their combination to convey intensity. As if in each combination, human traces and destinies are transformed into magical objects. He uses commonplace discarded materials found on his journeys to create a new description of objects and of daily life.”

By Shahram Karimi

gypsy mother

8 Responses to

  1. Just go ahead ,you are an amazing person! – your creations confirm that!

    • 9amir9 says:

      Slavica, thank you very much for your words. I am sitting here proud as a peacock and that sure feels nice. Thanks for having looked and for writing. I will try to regularly post new work. Will probably end up coming in batches though.

  2. Ayodeji says:

    Now I see you are a man of many talents:)

  3. GUINOT says:

    J’aime bien ton délire,continu ça ne peut que progresser a+ gg

  4. Hamid Daneshi says:

    This concept of creativity with abandoned objects is a “calling” for an ethernal imprint of human footprint, a quest for the realization of civilization,s archio-identity. It is after all the unnoticed that outlives all.

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