The following may, in time, turn out to be where I blog. At present I can imagine copy pasting some of my better posts on other fora and blogs here. Maybe I will actually get around to verbalising more of what moves me here. At present it is not much more than a test page, just as my ersatz website is far from being final.

Have you ever asked yourself if everlasting love, which endures, beyond time, exists as much as the air we breathe exists, or if it only exists the way rainbows and dreams do.

Life is a spiral staircase to eternity, we are moving in inaction, upwards or down, in the end we are there, where we were at the beginning
Das leben ist eine wendeltreppe in die unendlichkeit, wir gehen im stehen, rauf oder runter, am ende sind wir da wo wir zu begin waren
la vie est une escalier en colimacon vers l’eternité, on va en restant, montant ou en descente, a la fin on est la ou on etait au tout debut

On religion?

what is entirely missing is humility. the knowledge that even you, born and believing true moslem christian jew could be mistaken !
are you not also human in this respect?
why is it so difficult for us humans to be humble in the light of our ignorance?
why do we choose gods and sciences to be our almighties?
why do we try to convince ourselves of our infinite knowledge when everything about us is finite, infinity as real as death. Neither science nor religion will take us there or spare us this journey. Nor is the problem somewhere in infinity or beyond death’s door.
The problem is here and the solution in our hands, not any gods. A male figure with exclusively male prophets creates a world where the female of the “chosen” species is the birth giver, the vessel in which the magic of life happens, gives us sex and nudity,art and beauty, plenty and variety, so that in the end we all worship and follow Him (not her) in the same way?
No more song and dance, joyous in the rain of spring. We should all view a womans temptations as sinful? Not as part of lifes varied beauty??? Judge nature and its ways, wine as sin and books as holy? Hope that one day all humans will dress alike, behave alike, pray alike? Believe that a male creator had this master plan from the beginning?
Where mistakes are a part of learning and learning a lifelong journey
teaching immovable truths means removing doubt, denying human fallibility.
An immovable certainty in our beliefs makes us blind to our mistakes, makes us less able to learn and therefore less likely to be demonstrably correct.

if you stop and imagine for a minute
try and get a grasp of how small spinning blue earth is orbiting in space
how fast it is moving in more than one direction
how unimaginably old the light is that we see
atoms are as tiny as stars that we cant see
how much of life we don’t see,
we don’t feel ourselves spinning
we don’t tell ourselves to breathe
we can’t tell ourselves to stop breathing
there is so much we don’t know
right now and here, while we are living
what is the unknown of death then
if we have no sense of our place in the universe when alive

I mean all those millions and billions of years and light years and endless expanses of emptiness interspersed with galaxies and planets
we can wrestle with it in our minds but it is difficult to relate to and can make you feel insecure

with humanities curiosity and its capacity for concepts
such as love and tolerance, wonder and awe,
all we need is some humility, humility towards each other, towards life.
Humility in face of all that remains unknown
whoever we are and however wise we may be.

fearing death is equivalent to fearing life
the rules on how to live together, here and now
need not be grounded in later, paradise or hell
nor looked for in old religions or national laws
they need to be lived here and now,
they are created anew every moment, each day
by our every action


Oh and since souls have finally come up, I am absolutely convinced that everything including rocks and stuff has a soul, these souls, a soul, is something free, free of the physical body, as a soul it cannot be a prisoner, neither of the devil nor god, souls are free
or else I guess nothing has a soul in which case they are still free, as free as our imaginations can be

On Politics?

I must live as if and believe that, all unfair systems will collapse one day.

History has not shown a single system that has survived. All systems believed they would survive. They were, all of them, the best of their day.

Unfair is, of course, a human, an emotional, judgement and perception. Animals, big ones, eat other animals, babies. Tsunamis and earthquakes, natural catastrophes, recognise neither innocence nor wealth. Nature is not fair. We humans tend to consider ourselves as the ultimate natural creation. That is why we try to treat each other and sometimes even nature, with respect and concepts like ethics, morals, fairness.

Natural fairness could be seen as something like this, we, the giants, walk on ants and insects. But their children’s children grow by eating on our dead bones. At the end of the story it is fair again.

Human fairness wants to go further. We want fairness that can be seen and felt in the span of a lifetime. Until now we have no human memory of global human fairness over any longer period of time. But we, as a species, are beginning to have a memory of the concept of fairness. We remember the idea, our parents ideas and that of their parents. The idea has lead to many changes, revolutions, new ideas and new norms. Social responsibility.

It takes time but we have to live as if the time were now. We cannot keep calling it reality and use this as a reason for leaving it until tomorrow. If we are not reality, reality in what we do and what we say, everyday, then what is reality?

Reality can be the EU saying, ooo look, those folks are poor, we better hurry up and shut the doors, and then proceed to whitewash it all with complicated economic nonsense

Or reality can be the EU saying, oh lets get our heads and hands together and see what we can do.

Reality can be active peacemaking with helpful and friendly acts and words instead of continued shooting and bombing in the name of peace.

You and I, citizens, we make a part of this reality, the more doors we open, the more doors are open. By finding reasons not to open the door, only one thing is assured, that the doors stay closed. We must behave as if and believe that the better side of humanity will prevail. I think we must be alert and aware but there is no need for pessimism. In the course of history, we have slowly learned the concept of fairness, the advantages of sharing. The world is getting smaller, information moves faster

Bob Marley sang,

“You can fool some of the people some of the time

but you can’t fool all the people all the time”

I think that’s why imbalanced systems fall, sooner or later, built on bad principles the structure cannot survive. Too much inequality on too large a scale, too much unfairness in too many places, is imbalance.

The imbalanced foundation moves, people migrate, they do desperate things, the supposedly balanced society is in danger of becoming imbalanced. It starts dancing around trying to balance itself on this moving foundation. Both sides are too short sighted to realise that joining hands is the only way. They pull and they kick, some up and others down. The imbalanced structure topples over, top to bottom and a new structure emerges. Each time this happens more people learn to survive by holding hands. The EU is one example.

It will take time and today’s realists may say I’m a fool, but that is no reason for me to believe in their tomorrow instead of trying to be a part of mine today. We are making tomorrow everyday, not only yesterday. People understand this when they buy insurance and save things, but they don’t understand that kicking somebody today cannot lead to a better tomorrow for anybody? That sharing what you have with the hungry man outside is your long term best survival strategy, expanding your genetic pool?

Our reactions are primitive. We accept the insurances getting rich on our fears and the banks wealthy playing with our savings and nowadays even tax monies. They are big and strong, to our subconscious they represent successful survival. The poor continental neighbour, when he manages to get in our view, unlike the huge glass money palace, he represents poor survival. Instinctively we avoid the poor and turn to the rich.

Instinctively our children hit their playmates and grab at each others toys. We teach our children to be gentle. To share. To defend themselves but not to attack. Those that don’t teach their children these things are the minority. But within our adult groups, and in our adult games, in the real world, we, and our leaders with and for us, forget what we have learned and taught our children. We adults have as much, if not more, to learn than our children. But maybe they will learn if we don’t stop learning. If we start behaving like adults and not badly brought up children or a society of hypocrites with flexible moral standards. What do we teach our children? Communication instead of incoherent violence, sharing and helping instead of unthinking, unfeeling destruction. It works in kindergarten but not in our world of tanks and tankers, satellites and smartbombs.

Unless, and this is the real core of it all, unless war is actually a constant and necessary part of human life. If we make two teams, one called peace and prosperity/progress and the other called war and prosperity/progress, which of the two is more viable in evolutionary terms? Are death and destruction so vital to life itself, that we humans have no other choice than to play our parts in it?

Then rich and poor is a side issue of little importance. Fairness a joke and all we teach our children unrealistic. Strangely though, the warrior peoples have not survived, the peaceable civilisations have had the longest runs and the more fruitful results. Working with nature has proved to be more successful than fighting or destroying it. We keep on learning and yes, maybe our children will one day honestly be civilised adult human beings even if they remain questioningly childlike in their views and not as knowingly adult as their parents before them.

Being civilised is when the strongest bow down to carry the weak without thinking of their added burden. The uncivilised step on each other in an effort to climb higher before they ultimately fall. Wherever humanity is headed, it might slowly be time that we realise that the going there is just as important as the getting there. How we progress determines where it is we will arrive. We are creating our reality as we go along but we persist in maintaining that reality is a separate entity.

Or else do you believe that war belongs to prosperity and progress in the same way as death and destruction belong to life’s renewal and continuation?

Trying to stop human migration is a job for Sisyphus.
We all agree that freedom is more productive and successful than repression.
Freedom to travel is a vital part of freedom just as restrictions in your rights of movement are considered to be infringements upon personal freedom.
Why govt.s and people continue to believe that repressive methods can be successful in the long run is beyond me.

Below some more things I have written.

(1) Jahnam asked me to write a few lines about myself as an international person a few days ago. My initial response was the usual one I have. I said, “Jahnam I find it extremely difficult to write about myself.” Of course this met deaf ears. She suggested I try.

I was born in 1963 in WashingtonD.C. My parents are Iranian. In 1963 that was certainly a very rare thing but not an issue in any way. In 1979 all that changed because of the revolution in Iran. The Shah (Monarch) was replaced by Khomeini, a religious leader. At that point in time I was a boarding school student in England, aged all of 16. Up to this point I had entered English borders numerous times upon coming to, and leaving, school for various holidays. There had never been any problem since I always had a student visa.

Now I will try and recount a particular experience I had which has helped make me into a fervent internationalist, a citizen of planet earth, if not of the universe.

Imagine me at Heathrow airport in 1979, aged 16, on my way to the next school term. There I am standing in a line waiting to show my passport. A customs officer of obvious Indian descent took my passport for what I still thought was the usual photo and visa check. Usually this procedure took less than 2 minutes and had never involved any questions. But this time the customs officer couldn’t stop asking me questions. According to my memory and to my great embarrassment (for holding everyone else up) the questions took around 20 minutes. At first I was totally confused as to what exactly this man wanted to know. What could be simpler than my returning to school with a valid visa after the holidays? What could be so important about a 16 year old like me?

Well, I understood and I have never forgotten. Due to the new government of the country which issued my passport I was no longer innocent. I was automatically a suspect. Somebody who had to be treated with care, examined twice as critically, and chained in tighter formalities (visas). Today there are many many more people out there who are in my situation. Even within the geographical boundaries of Europe we have first and second class citizens according to their nationality.

I believe that the younger generations of Europe should use their democratic rights to force their governments and the European parliament to hear the voices of their citizens. My feeling is that most young people are aware of belonging to a much larger world than countries and passports allow. Exercise your rights (many more than simple elections). Be political, because if you are not, others will be for you. Be political and change the world to your image. Let’s make this planet into one country with many cultures.

(2)”The only constant in life is change” a wise person once said

Sean, sure I have seen what you describe at first hand in Germany, France and Belgium, I can name quite a number of areas like building and agriculture but also niches like travelling attractions and market stalls. Everywhere where the work is physical as well as hard in terms of pressure and hours and the pay low. But contrary to the O tone in indigenous public opinion it is by no means the low pay which is the decisive factor. The willingness to work hard despite the adversities is not to be forgotten. Those incoming workers are willing to work harder, ask any employer.
What happens? Well my overall impression is that the indigenous populations start pulling harder too. Some slower, some faster, and some are content to stay behind in the social nets.
I see a kind of huge pair of scales and people scurrying back and forth from one dish to the other. (Some fall off or take the long way) History tells us that for a long time small parts of the world enjoyed their riches at the cost of other parts. But history also tells us that for humans to co-habit peacefully as neighbours it is best for the large majority to enjoy a similar average with only few at either extreme of the economic ladder. Today we are all neighbours on this planet; in the EU we are talking, right next door, type neighbours.
What we are seeing in the EU I believe, is that, the riches are slowly being redistributed until the scales come to a relative quiet. I see this in the Polish nationals that began coming to Germany more than 10 years ago. Many have returned home and are prospering. Other non-Germans have taken their place. Some have stayed and are prospering here with their own businesses. All tend to continue relations with both countries and money passes hands at hotels and gas stations. Travellers and tourists move back and forth. The way I see it the most hospitable countries (with the most influx) will profit the most.
This takes 5 years and then 5 more years before it begins to show the shape its taking. Twice again before all can be reaping the fruits again. But what are 20 years; time flies by while we watch sitcoms.

presented the following poem under curation by Antlers Press

the sea
the sky
blow with
the wind
dance with
the trees
dream with
the earth
cry with
the rain
glow with
the sun
shine with
the moon
smile with
the stars
sing with
the oceans
of eternity
inspired with


silent balloons
of bliss
silken cocoons
of time

butterflies weave
dream tapestries
unfolding destinies
yet to be born

lifes winds
and rains
held at bay
with loves
silken thread

when you talk of places
i first think of faces
on second thought
my attention caught
by fine lined traces
of life’s places in faces

its always been a game
to my curiosity ever untame
can a strangers face speak to me
… of their childhood place or country
in the olden days
seen in a fleeting gaze

but in our modern times
more than clothing defines
sometimes its in their gait
or how they get irate

there are maps you can read
of places seen in passing faces
open if you take good heed
in learning to read the traces

i just wish my shoes had stayed
once when my socks were delayed
found my watch sitting on a chair
my trousers in a state of disrepair

on the fridge purred the sleeping cat
its pillow nicely padded was my hat
my shoes, as we know, long gone
factually from the first line on

Now I’m going to let the cat
Out of its soft and pillowy hat
You see, I’ve got me a bat
I’ll give that hat cat what’s that

It’s high time for a serious chat
Terms and conditions as to hat
In regards to matters of usage by cat
If necessary to be underlined by bat

Let the bat speak, I thought
Oh! What damage I wrought
Having thought for nought
Before having the bat bought

Now bat speak is not squeak
Not like a mouse saying eek
Nor a banshee’s high shriek
More like ultrasound echo speak

Using CF and frequency modulation
Bat told cat of my utter indignation
As to my boundless consternation
The talk erupted into conflagration

Using the “kitchen catch” home arena as ring
The cat got the bat with a bout of wrestling
The cat snarled and spat at the bat
Which now resembled a dishwashed rat

And now what to do with this bat “thing”,
An innocent questioning look then asking
My turn to fly a snatch at the bat
Then quickly cushion it in the hat

About the hat you may want to know
That, I can only say, time must show
We all must wait for the grass to grow
And only in the middle of a winter snow

well i brought the bat
back to the store
not wanting it any more
got through the door
before falling to the floor
felled by a flying boar
propelled from a boat’s oar
where it had sat before
i entered the store

well i caught my hat
left the bat
and that was that

Was having a talk
with the Jabberwok
as down the beanstalk
came Jack with a clock
wrapped around a rock
saying pls lend me a smock
for my walk around the block
i can’t go to work in this frock
must hurry and make time to tock


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